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UPDATED August 8, 2023

Vehicle Documentation Microsite FAQ

  1. What different vehicle documentation options are available from Porsche?
    Porsche offers 4 different vehicle documentation options in the United States:
    1) Porsche Production Specification (PPS), available for all model years
    2) Classic Technical Certificate (CTC), available for all classic models
    3) Monroney label, available for MY19 and newer
    4) Personalized Monroney, available for MY20 and newer

  2. Where do I request and purchase my vehicle documentation?
    1) A PPS is only available for order on this website
    2) A CTC may be ordered through a Porsche Classic Partner dealership or a qualified authorized dealer. A list of these dealers is available here.
    3) A Monroney label is available through My Porsche. This is a free PDF download for eligible customers.
    4) A Certificate of Customization is available through submitting a request via email to

  3. How much does a Porsche Production Specification (PPS) cost?
    The cost of the PPS is $150 USD.

  4. How much does a Classic Technical Certificate (CTC) cost?
    Pricing begins at $500 plus local sales tax. Consult your Porsche Classic Partner or eligible Porsche dealership to determine the exact CTC pricing for your Classic vehicle.

  5. How much does a Monroney label cost?

  6. How much does a Personalized Monroney cost?

  7. How do I get a Certificate of Authenticity (COA)?
    The former COA program was updated in 2017 and renamed the Porsche Production Specification (PPS) in 2019. Depending on the model and information desired, the PPS and CTC are available.

  8. What happened to the old COA?
    The former COA program was updated in 2017 and renamed the Porsche Production Specification (PPS) in 2019.

  9. Where can I get warranty history on my car?
    Warranty history is not provided to new owners for privacy reasons.

  10. Who used to own my car?
    Previous ownership history is not released due to protect the privacy of our owners.

  11. What are my engine and transmission numbers?
    We do not release the engine and transmission information any longer for the security of owners. This is for your security and the security of future buyers, we do not wish to provide information that may lead to any misrepresentation of a vehicle in the future. The CTC documents the engine and transmission numbers and types that are currently in the vehicle plus a visual verification of a match to original records.

  12. Where do I get a copy of my original window sticker?
    For model year 2019 and newer, the Monroney label (window sticker) is available in My Porsche for eligible owners.

  13. Where can I get a copy of the original Kardex?
    The original Kardex cannot be released. We use the details from the original Kardex to produce the PPS/CTC.

  14. What dealer originally sold my car?
    We do not provide the original selling dealer.

  15. Where can I get production figures?
    Production figures are not released.

  16. Was my car part of the special wishes program?
    Sonderwunsch and dealer installed options were performed after initial production therefore the details are not provided on the PPS and CTC. To provide you the most consistently accurate information, research beyond this initial production data is not possible.

  17. Where can I obtain the full history of my vehicle?
    We unfortunately are not able to provide any historical items on any vehicle beyond the information sets available on a PPS or CTC.

  18. Can you email me a copy of the PPS when it is ready?
    The PPS and vehicle details cannot be emailed. The official documentation will be mailed to you.

  19. How long does it take for a PPS to be received?
    The estimated delivery of the PPS is 5 weeks.

  20. Can you provide me with a PPS if my car was built for another country?
    We can produce a PPS for a vehicle built for other countries.

  21. Can you ship the PPS outside of the United States?
    The PPS can only be shipped within the United States and Canada.

  22. What additional documentation is available for Canadian owners?
    Please visit the FAQ - Canada page for more information.

  23. I live in Puerto Rico, can you ship me a PPS?
    Residents of Puerto Rico should contact Porsche Latin America for assistance.

  24. Why doesn't the exterior color code match the code on my car?
    The exterior color code listed on your PPS is the Porsche exterior color code. The paint code is the code found on your vehicle.

  25. Why order the Porsche Classic Technical Certificate versus the PPS?
    The Porsche Classic Technical Certificate and the Porsche Production Specification are both certificates which can be ordered for your classic Porsche. The differences between the provided content of the CTC and PPS may be found by visiting

  26. Why order the Porsche Classic Technical Certificate (CTC)?
    The CTC offers a unique opportunity to receive specific data about your Classic vehicle. Items include when it was built, where was it delivered, and documents the engine and transmission numbers and types that are currently in the vehicle plus a verification of a match to original records. The CTC also includes an expert assessment of the current state of your vehicle. For a full summary of included details in a CTC, please visit

  27. What is included in the Porsche Classic Technical Certificate?
    The CTC will include the Vehicle Identification Number, Model Type, Date of Production, Delivery Points, Engine and Transmission number verification, Exterior and Interior Information. If details are not recorded at the time of production, we will provide you with any information we are able to verify. For the full list, please visit

  28. For which Porsche vehicles is the Porsche Production Specification available?
    The PPS is available for all model years of street vehicles. Motorsport variants are not supported through the PPS program.

  29. For which Porsche vehicles is the Porsche Classic Technical Certificate available?
    The Porsche Classic range includes all historic vehicles which have not been produced in standard production for at least 10 years. In terms of numbers, our range of services covers the 356, 911 F models, G models, 964, 993, 996, 997, as well as the Porsche 914, 924, 928, 944, 959, 968, the Boxster (type 986/987) and the Cayman (type 987). And in words: the Carrera GT and the first-generation Cayenne.

  30. Where do I find a Porsche Classic Partner or CTC qualified Dealer?
    Visit "Find a Dealer" on, which shows all dealers who can provide a Porsche Classic Technical Certificate. If you aren't sure which dealer is eligible, please don't hesitate to call 1-800-PORSCHE.

  31. The Porsche archive contains production files for almost every Porsche built, how do I obtain all those records?
    The production information that may be shared is available through a PPS or a CTC. When contacting the Porsche Museum for information on your vehicle, you will be directed to the Classic Technical Certificate program.

  32. Can I cancel my Porsche Production Specification (PPS) order?
    Yes. Orders may be cancelled within 2 business days from the date of order. Any charges to your credit card pertaining to this order will be refunded.

  33. Can I return a Porsche Production Specification (PPS)?
    Each Porsche Production Specification (PPS) order is unique to you and your vehicle, so we are unfortunately not be able to accept returns. Damaged documents can be replaced at no charge if you contact us within 3 business days from point of delivery.

  34. Who do I contact if I believe the vehicle information is incorrect?
    Please contact us and provide details you believe to be incorrect. In the case where correction is necessary, a corrected PPS will be shipped within 1-2 weeks.

  35. When will I receive a credit for my Porsche Production Specification (PPS) cancellation?
    In the event of a proper cancellation and refund, we will process and credit your account within 3 business days of your cancellation notice. Depending on your credit card company's policies, it may take one to two billing cycles for the credit to appear on your statement

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    Send us an email.
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